International Financial Reporting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards is a set of international accounting standards states, some types of transactions and events reported in the financial statements. More than 100 countries, using the rules of the International Financial Reporting Standards of the International Accounting Standards is presented. While the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has not decided whether to adopt International Financial Reporting Standards, the possibility that some of the International Financial Reporting Standards to be included in the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards.

In the event that such standards require a review of the company requires an independent evaluator in many cases is to determine the market value of assets. Currently on a national and regional level have proposed a realistic plan that will suit the context of the sub-region to enable them to move forward with this project, and that also want to encourage them to draw from experience in the successful implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards on several levels nationwide. Evaluation is necessary to present fairly the financial position of the company. Transition to International Financial Reporting Standards can not force companies to get a first in first out or weighted average method to adopt. The introduction of a new method for calculating the costs can have a significant impact on operating profit of the company.

A harmonization of accounting and financial reporting framework for banks and other lending institutions that aim to ensure compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards. With the revaluation of assets can be significant differences in the carrying value of assets. International Financial Reporting Standards requires a separate component, an important fixed assets and recording equipment and depreciated separately. If an asset has several aspects, each with a different life, then into segments and not as a set of International Financial Reporting Standards to evaluate annually the residual value of an asset on the balance sheet date.

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